Connecting With Infants

Connecting with Infants, a curriculum developed through a contract with the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education and endorsed by Better Beginnings, is designed for children from birth through 18 months. It is further divided into two infant age groups, Young Infants (approximate age is birth to nine months) and Mobile Infants (approximate age is from eight to 18 months). The goal of Connecting with Infants is to provide a path to building:

  • Responsive care and positive relationships between caregivers and infants
  • An environment that is nurturing, safe, healthy, and inviting for infants
  • Positive relationships with families

While the activities are divided into the two age groups, we know that all young children follow their own unique timetables for development and therefore will learn at their own schedule. This curriculum was designed to nurture growth in the CDELS domains of development and learning and our teachers help tailor the activities and experiences the curriculum provides for each individual child’s needs.