Adventures in Learning Preschool Program

Adventures in Learning Preschool curriculum was designed to teach children the skills they need to be ready for kindergarten. It is a comprehensive curriculum for children from age three to five and has been developed and revised as an approved curriculum through the state of Arkansas. It features 40 topics of study in the CDELS domains of development focus areas. Each topic is introduced with mostly familiar children’s books and has a strong emphasis on language and literacy. It is a flexible curriculum that allows teachers to choose when to explore certain topics based on their children’s interests or specific needs during the school year. It can also be supplemented with materials from other curriculum to enhance to the children’s learning experience. 

Research shows that young children learn best through play. As quality-approved programs, each class schedule has time built in for students to play in free-choice Learning Centers with activities both indoors and outdoors. Best practice tells us that Learning Centers needto provide a platform for hands-on activities with materials that are frequently rotated so children are constantly exposed to new ideas, different ways to solve problems, and build new skills. Further, Learning Centers enable us to teach your child in an informal, relaxed environment while meeting his or her individual needs.

Our Learning Center environment enables your child to remain a “child” rather than a “student” for an additional year, giving them time to mature before entering kindergarten. Research shows that children who participate in preschool programs that provide a flexible schedule, a play-based curriculum, and a nurturing staff are better prepared for success in their future. 

Parents of children aged three to five years old must receive the Kindergarden Readiness Skills Checklist or a Kindergarten Skills Calendar, which has been developed by the Department of Education in accordance with ACT 825 of 2003. Please click the links for more resources & information.