Safety & Security

We strongly believe in the importance of security and safety for all of the children, parents and staff at Quality Child Care Early Learning Center. We have strict policies in place that must be followed in order to protect the children in our care. We make every effort for teachers in each classroom to have current First Aid and CPR certification and be familiar with proper medical emergency procedures. Each center strives to provide a safe environment by conducting safety audits, monthly emergency storm/fire drills, and teaching children safety rules. If a child does experience an injury, an accident report will be completed by the staff and signed by the parent/guardian. In spite of our efforts, an emergency may arise. For this reason, QCC requires that parents/guardians complete emergency contact information and sign a release for emergency medical treatment.

Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures and Rules

Drop-Off Time

Checking in and out must be done daily for security and bookkeeping purposes. Licensing requirements mandate that children are signed in and out of the center each day. 

Arrival and departure times are the very busiest hours of the day. For safety purposes, please hold your child’s hand in the parking lot and do not allow them to run or move away from you in the hallways. Do not enter the playground using the front or rear playground gates to pick up or drop off your child. 

We ask that all children are dropped off at the center by 10:00 AM.

  • To better assist us with staffing needs and lunch counts, you must call in by 9:00AM if your child will be arriving after the 10:00AM drop-off time.
  • Please note that from 11:30AM and 2:00PM children are preparing for naptime and resting. Dropping your child off during this time is strongly discouraged. This is not only disrupts other children that are trying to rest, but it may also upset your own child if they have to lie down for a nap as soon as they arrive.

Door Codes

Some of our centers have locked doors that require a code to enter. Each person on a child’s pick-up/drop-off list is given a security code at the time of enrollment. There is a note posted by the keypad with specific instructions on how to enter the code. There is also a call button to notify someone in the office if you are having difficulty with this process. Visitors or anyone without a door code may use the call button to speak with someone in the front office. They will have to be given approval and buzzed into the building. The phone number to the center is also posted outside in case there are any issues reaching someone in the center with the call button. We are working diligently to get this feature added to all of our centers.

Clock In/Out Key Pad

Upon entering or exiting the building, parents/guardians must check-in/out by entering their code on the keypad that is located near the front entrance. This keypad is attached to our child care computer operating system.

It is important that each person uses their own assigned code. Sharing codes is strictly forbidden! Also, please do not allow your child to operate any of the keypads, as this will allow us to better monitor the proper use of the systems so that there are fewer problems and maintenance issues.  

Physically Escorting In and Out

It is very important for security, policy, and licensing regulations that ALL children are with an adult at ALL times. After children have been checked-in, it is mandatory that the parent/guardian physically escorts each child to their classroom and properly transfers care to their teacher. Likewise, checking-out any child requires that a parent/guardian physically escorts each child out, once care has transferred back to that authorized person. 

Photo IDs & Pick-up List

Anyone picking up a child will be asked for a photo ID until that adult becomes familiar to the staff. If there is a change or substitution in staff and they are not familiar with a parent/guardian, they are required to ask for a photo ID. 

Individuals taking children from the classroom must be at least 18 years of age.

A safe, functioning car or booster, appropriate for the child’s age must be in every vehicle a child is leaving our center in. We are mandated by the state to report to DHS or law enforcement officials if we believe a child is being driven around without proper safety restraints. 

If a parent needs to authorize a person who is not on the pick-up list to temporarily pick up their child, advanced notice must be given in writing and will be approved at the director’s discretion. If there is an emergency and a note has not been left, someone on the list of contacts must call and speak with the office. They will be asked to verify their identity by answering questions about the child. It is then at the director’s discretion to confirm the information and allow the temporary guardian to pick up the child. A photocopy of their photo ID will be made. 

If at any time during the program year, the parent wishes to change who is on their pick-up list, they may do so by coming to the center and changing the information in their child’s file. For safety reasons, we request that these changes are kept to a minimum. 

Late Pick-up

Children must be picked up no later than 6:00pm. If a child is still in the center after closing time, a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child will be charged to your account. Time is always determined by the center’s clock. Excessive violation of this policy may lead to your child being dropped from the program.

If a child has not been picked up at closing time and the center has not been contacted regarding the parent/guardian’s delay then the following procedures will be followed:

  • Parent/Guardian will be called on their personal phone.  If we are unable to contact you on your personal phone, we will attempt to contact you through your place of employment.
  • If we are still unable to reach you, the emergency contact person listed on your application will be notified to pick up the child.
  • At 30 minutes past the closing hour, if no contact has been made by parents or someone authorized to act on the child’s behalf, DHS or local law enforcement will be contacted.
  • When a parent/guardian fails to contact the center regarding delays in picking up their children, it is considered neglect and is something that we do not take lightly.

ABC program late pick-up

ABC children must be picked up no later than 3:00pm. If a child is still here at 3:00pm, a late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child will be charged until they are picked up. This cost is not covered by the ABC Program. Time is always determined by the center’s clock.

Daily Security


Most of our centers have transportation to and from the local schools in the area. (Check with your director to see if it is available in your center).  

  • We will expect your child to be on the van everyday, unless you tell us otherwise. This is to guarantee the safety of your child.
  • Parents must notify the center at least one hour prior to school dismissal time if their child will not be riding the van in the afternoon. Ideally, a note should be written and given to QCC staff stating the dates of the days you know your child will not be riding in the van from school to the center. 
  • Please do not assume that we will know your child is not riding the van if they did not ride in the morning or if a sibling is not at the center.  
  • Roll is checked at the school and upon arrival at the center. You will be called to verify your child’s location if your child does not get on the van when expected.
  • Refusal to call and let us know your child will not be riding the van could result in a $5.00 fee for each offense. 

Transporting children requires the full attention of the driver. Appropriate behavior is necessary to ensure this. Please go over the following van safety with your child:

  • All children are required to wear seat belts at all times. Each child under the age of six and/or 60 pounds will be required to sit in a booster seat provided by the parent.
  • All children must buckle their seat belt immediately upon sitting. They must make sure it fits “snuggly” and leave it until a staff member tells them it is safe to unbuckle.  If there is a shoulder strap, it must be left across the chest. It cannot be put behind their back or under their arm.
  • No hitting, kicking or throwing things in the van.
  • If a child will not follow the rules and their behavior may cause safety issues on the van, the driver will pull over until the child begins to follow directions. If the child does not comply, the director and/or the parent will be called to pick up and remove the child from the van.
  • Absolutely NO food, candy or drinks are allowed on the van. If an emergency happened and a child started choking it could be difficult for a staff to get to the child in a timely manner to assist.
  • Everything that is being taken to or from school or a field trip must be kept in a backpack. There should be no toys, loose jewelry, hair ties, folders, school work, etc. out of backpacks. This helps to keep things from getting lost and helps us keep a clean van. If the child does not have a backpack, or if something will not fit in the backpack, the van driver will keep the child’s things upfront until they arrive back at the center. 
  • Children should never touch the safety alarm button in the van. This alarm is in place as a safety measure to ensure no child is accidentally left in the van. It will be the staff member’s responsibility to walk through the van after each trip to ensure each child is accounted for.  

Visitor policy 

All visitors must sign in and out of our visitor log located in the front entrance and state the purpose of their visit. To ensure the security of all involved, picture identification is required for all unfamiliar visitors. In addition, visitors are required to be accompanied by a staff member and are never to be left alone while in the center.

Alcohol & Drug policy 

Quality Child Care Early Learning Center has a zero-tolerance policy for the use of alcohol, illegal substances, or the misuse of prescription medications on QCC property or the presence of these substances in the body while on QCC property regardless of when they were consumed. This policy applies to staff, visitors, and parents of enrolled children. If a staff member suspects a parent may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we are mandated by the state to report such suspicions. 

Weapon & Gun policy 

Guns are not allowed inside any QCC facility by anyone other than law enforcement officers. 

emergency drills & evacuations 

Evacuation procedures for fire and other emergencies are practiced monthly to ensure our children are readily prepared in case of an actual emergency. Severe weather drills are also conducted every month. When severe weather is in the area, the director monitors weather reports and alerts staff to be prepared to quickly move children to safety. Emergency procedures are posted in each classroom.

Child Protective Services

An outside agency representative (e.g. special classes, therapists) will not remove a child from any QCC class without the written consent of that child’s parent or guardian, except during a child abuse and neglect investigation. In such case, staff may release a child to an authorized Child Protective Services worker or law enforcement representative with agency picture identification. 

Reporting Child Abuse/Maltreatment

According to Arkansas Law, “child maltreatment” means abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, or abandonment. “Neglect” is defined as abandonment, lack of food, utilities, shelter, or lack of supervision. QCC staff and ABC teachers are mandated by state law to report any and all reasonable suspicions of child abuse, maltreatment, or neglect. The teacher will immediately notify the Director of the center as well as the program's DHS Licensing Specialist. If they are unavailable, the teacher is to call the Child Abuse Hotline right away and then inform those previously mentioned as soon as possible. Reporting abuse will not be delayed for any reason. We are not required to inform parents/guardians of this report, but we will place documentation in a confidential folder.

Interviewing Staff and Children

Staff members and children in attendance at QCC may be interviewed by Child Care Licensing, by the Division of Child and Family Services, and/or by law enforcement officers for the purpose of investigations or to determine compliance with licensing requirements. Child interviews do not require parental notice or consent, per DHS mandates.

Custodial & Foster Care

QCC requires copies of all custodial agreements and visitation schedules for our enrolled children. By law, we are required to follow all existing court orders and court imposed visitation schedules.

For enrolled children that are in the foster care system, Quality Child Care Early Learning Center will need to receive a copy of the foster care paperwork. QCC will release the child only to the foster parents or to the child’s Division of Child and Family Services worker, who must sign the child in and out on the visitor’s list and provide proper identification. The DCFS worker must verify any additions or changes in writing (by letter or fax). This letter should be written to the attention of the Director.

Photographs and Video

Teachers use digital cameras and digital video to record children’s activities. Documentation of children’s activities is used for families to see what their children are doing in the center, and also for children to recall what they have been learning. With permission, photos and video may also be used on our website, advertising materials, or submitted to the local newspaper to inform the community about our program. During the enrollment process, parents will sign a release for their children to be included in photographs and video. If you wish for your child’s photograph or image not to be used, please let us know. Due to the fact that all parents may not want their child photographed, we ask that you do not take pictures of any other children at the center.