Adventures for Toddlers

Adventures for Toddlers, a curriculum developed through a contract with the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education and endorsed by Better Beginnings, is designed for children from 18 to 36 months. This curriculum features 30 toddler topics in eight focus areas. Toddler topics introduce concepts like family and community that help children understand the world around them. Each toddler topic is introduced with children’s books and can be supplemented with materials from other curricula in order to enhance each child’s classroom experience. The activities planned for each topic are designated for two age groups, Younger Toddlers (YT) and Older Toddlers (OT).  

Children learn best by exploring and manipulating their environment. A child’s language skills can be greatly enhanced by describing events that he or she has experienced to their teachers and friends, listening to teachers read and retell stories, as well as by playing and interacting with their classmates. Your child will learn by using hands on materials, songs, and teacher lead instruction. Because so much of your child’s learning is an active experience, there may not always be papers going home but do not mistake this for learning not taking place.

This curriculum was designed to nurture growth in the CDELS domains of development and learning and our teachers help tailor the activities and experiences the curriculum provides for each individual child’s needs.