Frequently Asked Questions

What is Better Beginnings?

At Quality Child Care Early Learning Center, we uses curricula endorsed by Better Beginnings, a program developed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services that provides families and child care professionals with the tools and knowledge to build better paths towards learning in Early Childhood Education. Better Beginnings also provides a voluntary quality rating system for child care centers, which allows participants to measure their efficacy and progress in several important areas of Early Childhood Education. Through evaluations and assessments of Arkansas child care centers and their teachers, Better Beginnings rates the quality of each child care facility by a three-star rating system. 


All six QCC centers are proud to participate in this distinguished program and we are so excited that four of our six centers have a Level two rating and the other two are at Level one. Our dedicated team of directors and staff members are continuously working hard to reach the next level and our goal is for all six of our centers to have a Level three rating.

How much is tuition? 

The tuition rate is different at each center. Visit your center's page for more information on fees and discounts. 

What is QCC's curriculum? What do the kids do during the day?

Visit our Curriculum Page for more information. 

Do you help with potty training?

Yes! Most children will show the signs of being ready to potty train between the ages of 18 months and 2 years of age. Our staff will assist in your efforts to potty train your child and will let you know of any signs they may observe in regard to readiness. We would also like for you to let us know if you are seeing any sign of interest at home.

  • Once the decision has been made to start potty training your child, you and your child’s teacher will need to work together. Some children potty train within days, others can take weeks or months. it is important to be patient and consistent with your child during this process. Be prepared for good days and bad days. Consistency is very important in potty training. Once the decision has been made to put your child in underwear, you should stick with it.  
  • Most children will train quicker without the use of diapers/pull-ups. The absorbent properties of diapers prevent your child from the feeling and discomfort of having the wet clothing on. It also prevents your and the teacher’s ability to immediately determine when a child has had an accident. Prompt changing from wet/soiled clothing can help the child realize that soiling themselves is uncomfortable and will help keep them on track for potty training.
  • Once your child is no longer using diapers/pull ups, you will need to send several complete changes of clothing, including socks and shoes. All of these items should be labeled with your child’s name. Per DHS requirements, QCC staff will not rinse out soiled clothing. The items will be bagged and must be taken home each day. 
  • Potty training can be very difficult or inconvenient at times. On weekends, when you will likely be at home all day, is the best time to start the process. This will get your child off to a good start and will make it easier for the teacher to work with him or her at the center.

What are your hours of operation?

Quality Child Care Early Learning Center is open from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. 

**Note ABC Program: ABC classrooms are open from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. If your child needs care before or after these times, you may enroll him or her in QCC’s before and/or aftercare program. Please see the “School Age Programs” section on page 6 of this handbook for more details. Ask your center’s director for pricing information.  

Breakfast...8:00am - 8:30am ‌
Lunch...11:00am - 11:30am
Naptime...12:00pm - 2:00pm
Snack...2:00pm - 2:30pm

New Year’s Day, Labor Day
Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day, Christmas Day

Should any of these holidays fall on a weekend, we will be closed on the closest Friday or Monday. Tuition is not waived or altered for closings.

There will be other holidays, such as Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Spring Break for which parents must sign up ahead of time in order for their child to attend. This allows us to plan the staff schedule and the children’s meals. Depending on the number of kids that sign up, directors will schedule staff for those children only and it is possible that the center will close early. Each center will have this information posted, so make sure you check with your facility about the closing time on these days.

What will happen in an emergency if I can not be reached?

Growing up results in many bumps and bruises and we will make every attempt to inform you of every injury your child receives while in our care. Minor injuries will be treated with appropriate first aid and you will be informed about them on an accident report. The report will indicate the type of injury, the time and circumstance of the injury, and the type of care/first aid that was administered. You will need to sign all accident reports and leave them at the center so that they may be placed in your child’s file. You may request a copy of the accident report. You will be called to the center immediately if your child sustains a more serious injury. In very serious cases, or if injuries occur that we perceive to be potentially life threatening, we will call an ambulance to transport your child to a medical facility and we will direct you to meet the ambulance. If the parent is unavailable, the emergency contact person on your child’s enrollment information will be called. Parents are responsible for all costs incurred during emergency medical treatment.