Grandparent's Day @ QCC Cabot - W. Pheasant

Last Friday was a special day at QCC Cabot - W. Pheasant! We invited grandparents to come visit our center to see just how much fun we have while we're learning and playing! Check out the pics!  Tag yourself and share! 

Meet Charity Hawkins

Charity Hawkins, Director of QCC in Little Rock

My name is Charity Hawkins and I have worked in child care for more than 10 years. We know that Early Childhood Education is very important and every child deserves the opportunity to be exposed to an environment that will enhance their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. QCC strives to create this type of environment. We walk into our facility every day knowing that everything we do and say will have a lasting effect on each child in our care. I want all of our children to have wonderful memories of QCC.
Our staff and parents are like one big family! Call us today and schedule a tour. You will see that our teachers are the best and our program is excellent!

Ms. Hawkins can be reached at
501.562.5800 or by email at

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Getting your child ready for Kindergarten can be scary; maybe more for mom and dad than for the child. And while school has already begun, it's never too late get your child ready for their first year in "big kid" school. Here a few quick tips and resources to guide you through this milestone transition. As always, your center's director is here to help with any questions or concerns you have about this process. 

1. Check out your child's school's website. Chances are good your child's teacher has posted all the info you need to be sure they are prepared. 

2. Consider letting your child stay with other trusted adults for a few hours a day. This will help him or her to acclimate to being away from mom and dad.

3. Begin introducing concepts like counting, sorting, and identifying letters and numbers. Getting a head start on building these skills will make your child more confident when they are introduced at school.

4. Read, read, read! Make sure you are showing your child just how important and pleasurable reading can be by pointing out all the things you are reading throughout the day. Don’t stop with just their favorite books, but show them how newspapers, road signs, cereal boxes, recipes, and nearly everything else they encounter involves reading in some way.

5. Help them memorize their full name, phone number, and address. This is not only for their safety, but can also give them a sense of identity and self-confidence. Here is a really cool project you can do with your child to help them understand who and where they are in the world.

6. Show them how (and when) to properly introduce themselves to unfamiliar people. Your child will meet so many new people when they start school, so knowing the proper protocol for saying hello and introducing themselves to peers and teachers can go a long way in helping them make friends.

7. Most important, ask lots of questions. Make sure your child knows that you are ready and willing to listen to their concerns and help them with any confusion or problems they may encounter at school.

QCC Cabot @ W. Pheasant Rocks! #CabotRocks!

Have you heard of #CabotRocks? Inspired by a rock hunt she attended in Texas, Brooke DeHaven started a Facebook group (which has almost 1500 members!) encouraging the Cabot community to get together with friends and family to paint inspiring pictures and messages on rocks and leave them in shared spaces throughout the city. Well, some kind soul left a few of these special stones at the front door of QCC Cabot @ W. Pheasant. Thanks, kind stranger! We hope to pay it forward and make some rocks of our own because as we all know, #QCCRocks too! 

Check out the write-up Ms.DeHaven received from the Arkansas Dem Gaz back in May. 




Meet Wendy Pennock

Wendy Pennock, Director of QCC Cabot - West Pheasant Run

I began working at A+ Childcare while I was in college in 1992. I loved it from the start and I’ve never looked back. Eventually, I was named Director of the center and was honored to stay on in that role when it was purchased by QCC in 2016. It never ceases to amaze me to see some of the children that we have cared for at the center come back as adults for a visit or even to apply for a job! The look on their faces is priceless when they realize the teachers they grew up with are still here!

My husband and two fur babies, Tuff and Cache, keep me busy at home. But I can usually be found outside riding horses or reading a good book on the back porch.

Ms. Pennock can be reached at
501.843.6346 or by email at