National Love Your Pet Day!!!

National Love Your Pet Day: When and How to Celebrate

Anyone out there who has a furry pal at home knows that pretty much every day is “love your pet” day. However, you might not realize that there is a special day dedicated to the endearing companions that make our lives better without even trying.

You probably already do your best to show your pets you care every day, but on the special holiday known as National Love Your Pet Day, you can go the extra mile. What is this holiday and where did it come from? What can you do to celebrate with your favorite pooch or kitty? Here’s the 411 on this pet-centric holiday.


National Love Your Pet Day falls on February 20th annually, so after you spend Valentine’s Day celebrating your love for that one special person in your life, turn your attention to the furry little friends that you love even more. On this holiday, pet lovers are encouraged to go above and beyond to show their pets just how much they care with special pampering and attention.

Your animals bring so much to your life, and on this day, you have the chance to reflect on the special relationship you share with your four-legged friends, as well as think about the best ways to keep them healthy and happy.


Not to be confused with National Pet Day, the holiday started by animal welfare advocate and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige on April 11, 2005, National Love Your Pet Day is set closer to Valentine’s Day to tie in to celebrations of love between people. Unfortunately, not much is known about the origins of this holiday and no one seems to be claiming credit.

Articles dating back to at least 2009 reference the holiday, but there doesn’t seem to be much information prior to then, so it’s hard to determine when and how National Love Your Pet day was first conceived. Luckily, you don’t need to know the history to celebrate with your pet pal.


There is no shortage of ways to show your pet you care on National Love Your Pet Day, including:

  • Grooming – A day at the spa will go a long way toward making your pet feel extra pampered. If you want to go all out, hire a pet photographer to conduct a photo shoot once your best friend looks extra cute.

  • Play time – Whether you take an extended trip to the dog park, bring home a few new toys, or build your cat an awesome jungle gym from cardboard boxes, playing with pets is a great way to keep their minds agile and their bodies healthy.

  • Treats – Can you think of a puppy or kitten that doesn’t love to gobble down treats? Just make sure to give pet-appropriate treats and follow guidelines on packaging. Avoid giving people food that could upset animal tummies.

  • Taking time – Many pets are pack animals, which means spending time with their people is the best gift of all. On this special holiday, take the time to do all you can to let your pets know that the unconditional love they feel is mutual.

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